Covington Shop Owner's Fall Fashion Tips for Men

This column is written by Jerod Theobald, owner of flow - a shop for men (621 Scott Boulevard, Covington).

Based on the weather we’ve been having in Cincinnati over the last couple of weeks, this article may be a bit late. In any case, the autumn season will soon be in full swing and your summer wardrobe will be packed away for another year.

This fall, several fashion trends have popped up for the second or third time this year while others have come around again after a long hiatus. Good to see you all again.

In July, I was fortunate enough to travel to trade shows in New York City to see several fall styles firsthand and I was impressed not just with the look of the pieces, but also with the colors, craftsmanship, and attitude. From this experience – and after checking in with some of the best fashion bloggers in the business – I’ve jotted down a few tips to help you get ready (and dressed) for the fall.
For the Office: You can never go wrong with the standard navy suit, but this fall plaid and brown are taking their turn. If you’re looking to make a statement, opt for a plaid wool suit paired with a solid shirt and tie.
If you just want to step a bit outside your comfort zone, try a brown two-piece tweed suit in a slim cut worn with black shoes. 
Tweed has been a fall favorite of celebrities and executives alike for decades and thanks to designers such as Billy Reid, it’s only gotten better. 
Need a recommendation for Casual Friday? Throw on a pair of tailored wool pants in grey or charcoal with a thick-soled dress shoe or a pair of hiking boots with bright blue or neon green laces. Up top, lose the tie and stick with a striped sweater or roll neck (yes, a roll neck).
For the Weekend: After a strong showing in the spring and summer, camo continues its run into the fall. From shirts to jackets to pants, camo will likely been seen everywhere again this season – including the office. 
If you’re stylish but a little more conservative, go with a classic black leather motorcycle or biker jacket paired with black jeans. Other outerwear options include baseball jackets (our favorite is from Oliver Spencer) or a lightweight bomber coat. 
If you’re looking to get away from denim, try a pair of wool pants or slim-fitting cargo pants cuffed and worn with slip on dress shoes or Vans. Finish off your weekend look with a big scarf with a splash of color (burgundy) and army-style backpack or leather satchel.
Photos provided.