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KY Animal News: Injured Dog Found on Coal Train, Hawk Attacks Cat in Backyard

An injured dog was found atop a coal train in Floyd County, Kentucky:

The images taken at the scene say more than words can describe: a small white dog, covered in black dust, its right eye out of its socket. CSX officials say the dog was first discovered by a passing train around 8:30 Friday morning. Shortly afterwards, it was rushed to a local veterinary clinic.

“We tried to give him something for pain and tried to see if we could save the eye but we couldn't save the eye,” said Dr. Rudolph Ousley.

Other than the lost eye, the dog is expected to make a full recovery. But a big questions remains: how could this have happened?

Full story with video: WYMT

A hawk raided a Louisville backyard twice in one week, even trying to make off with a woman's cat:

The first time, Robin Howard said she feared the hawk had grabbed her beloved 14 pound cat, Georgia, at right.

“I just looked out my back window and she was on the deck,” Howard told me. “A very big bird” appeared to swoop down and scoop her up, she recalled, saying it all happened very quickly. “The bird was having trouble getting lift.”

She went looking for Georgia but couldn’t find her. ”It was pretty horrific and upsetting,” she said.

But seemingly using one of the cat’s nine lives, the cat came back (sort of like the song?) — several hours later, skittish but with no talon marks or blood, Howard said.

Full story: Courier-Journal