Woman Finds Forgotten $14,000 in Stock at Kentucky State Fair

From unclaimed treasure of as much as $14-thousand in stock found by a surprised mother of three to a woman who jumped for joy at claiming $14 dollars for an unredeemed gift certificate, those are the kinds of success stories that came out of the Treasure Finders booth at the Kentucky State Fair this past week.

Over 2000 claims valued at more than $350,000 were started by the 11 Kentucky Treasury employees who put in a total of 228 hours of work at the Fair

“The Treasury booth was clearly one of the most popular spots of Main Street Kentucky in the south wing of the Fairgrounds in Louisville,” Kentucky Treasurer Todd Hollenbach said.  “We helped fair goers as young as 7 and as old as 93 find their unclaimed property with the oldest property found from as far back as 1953!"

The questions most asked by fair goers at the Treasury booth are, ‘Is this for real?’ and ‘How much does it cost?’ Of course the answers are ‘Yes it’s real!’ and “The Treasury charges only one dollar of the proceeds from each successfully processed claim over ten dollars.’

The State Treasurer serves as custodian of all property surrendered to the state that is presumed lost or abandoned.  Each year, the Kentucky Treasury returns millions of dollars in unclaimed property to Kentucky residents.  Since 2008, under the proactive leadership of Treasurer Hollenbach and his Treasure Finders Program, the Treasury has returned a record $ 90-million in unclaimed property.

To find out if you’ve got some unclaimed cash coming to you, search the unclaimed property database at www.KYTreasury.com or if you don’t have access to the internet, you can call Treasury’s Unclaimed Property office toll-free at 800-465-4722.