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Photos: Holy Cross Indian Summer Festival

The Holy Cross Indian Summer Festival and the Taste of Latonia opened on Friday and continue Saturday on the high school's campus and Church Street in Latonia.

The River City News was there for opening night.

Check out photos from the event:

 photo IMG_0896_zps27be1dfd.jpg  photo IMG_0897_zps71750bb7.jpg  photo IMG_0898_zps0166eb06.jpg  photo IMG_0899_zps09053759.jpg  photo IMG_0900_zpsc9958855.jpg  photo IMG_0901_zpsb9d3ac4a.jpg  photo IMG_0902_zpsac5c8259.jpg  photo IMG_0903_zps9d3f5ff4.jpg  photo IMG_0904_zpsb48bf3e9.jpg  photo IMG_0905_zps8d5aba94.jpg  photo IMG_0906_zps60b19660.jpg  photo IMG_0908_zps99141405.jpg  photo IMG_0909_zps956fe3be.jpg  photo IMG_0910_zps567598d3.jpg  photo IMG_0911_zps684d2804.jpg