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Covington Firm Hosts Competition for 9/11 Memorial at New Florence Firehouse

Hub + Weber, a Covington-based architecture firm, is hosting a graphic design competition that involves a piece of the World Trade Center that will be included in the new Fire/EMS building under construction in Florence.
As part of the design of the new 10,000 square foot facility going up on Ted Bushelman Boulevard, Hub+Weber has incorporated a memorial to the events of September 11, 2001. In 2011, the Florence Fire/EMS Department
received a piece of steel from the World Trade Center Towers from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
The steel will be used in the memorial to all those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, with an emphasis on the first responders. 
The new Fire/EMS Station will have a tall, red brick wall separating the 3-bay garage area of the building from the living/office/training portion of the building. The memorial consists of a large, vertical opening 
in this brick wall near the main entry wherein the piece of steel from the World Trade Center Towers will be suspended below an aluminum panel.
The competition is for the graphics to be engraved into the aluminum panel above the World Trade Center steel. “We wanted to include the community in the design of the memorial and saw the graphics of the panel as a way to do that,” said Florence Fire/EMS Chief Marc Muench.
The panel is three feet and four inches wide and ten feet and ten inches tall. The text to be engraved into the panel is limited to the copy outlined in the competition brief, but the arrangement of the text and the imagery is open to the artistic interpretation of the competitors
The steel will be held gently (evoking the image of first responders lifting people from the debris at the World Trade Center site) by a bracket at eye level for visitors to the memorial to able to interact with. “We felt it was important to be able to touch the piece of steel, to have the ability to connect with it that way,” said Gene Weber of Hub+Weber.
Information on entering the competition can be found at or by calling Hub+Weber Architects, PLC at 859.491.3844.

Photo: Hub + Weber Offices at Covington Station/provided