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Photos: Inside Covington Station & 3 Arts Exhibits Downtown

Downtown Covington was full of art enthusiasts on Friday night with three exhibit openings. Hub+Weber Architects hosted an event at its headquarters inside Covington Station in which the artist, an aunt of a H+W employee, cuts tiny pieces of magazine paper and forms a collage out of them.

The River City News also scored a tour of Covington Station, which once served as the city's main stop for passenger rail service. Those photos are included below.

A couple blocks away at the Artisan Enterprise Center, "All is Chaos" opened.

Then on Scott Blvd. at flow - a shop for men, City Nights/City Lights, a photo exhibit by Covington resident Justin Rumao packed the space.

All photos below are by The River City News.

Hub + Weber art show - Covington Station

 photo IMG_1084_zps5d90c6a5.jpg  photo IMG_1063_zps808c15fa.jpg  photo IMG_1061_zps129c6585.jpg  photo IMG_1062_zps43b88e1d.jpg  photo IMG_1085_zps8aa860a4.jpg  photo IMG_1086_zpscbb33781.jpg  photo IMG_1088_zps550ed368.jpg  photo IMG_1090_zpsedc482cb.jpg  photo IMG_1068_zps48f44f90.jpg  photo IMG_1069_zps6fce0a2c.jpg  photo IMG_1066_zps9a958713.jpg  photo IMG_1064_zps38d429c1.jpg  photo IMG_1065_zps83c8cee6.jpg  photo IMG_1067_zps97c08be7.jpg  photo IMG_1066_zps9a958713.jpg  photo IMG_1070_zps6f771d63.jpg  photo IMG_1076_zps71fd4df8.jpg  photo IMG_1077_zps3dccc838.jpg  photo IMG_1081_zps8d0eb5e3.jpg  photo IMG_1082_zps148299ab.jpg  photo IMG_1083_zps427263e5.jpg  photo IMG_1080_zps1a7420b0.jpg  photo IMG_1071_zpsd5417b31.jpg  photo IMG_1072_zps887c24c8.jpg  photo IMG_1073_zps82586890.jpg  photo IMG_1074_zps1d5758ac.jpg  photo IMG_1079_zps87b90d07.jpg

All is Chaos - Artisan Enterprise Center

 photo IMG_1108_zpse4b47971.jpg  photo IMG_1094_zps667bfee5.jpg  photo IMG_1095_zpsdbed74e6.jpg  photo IMG_1097_zps34da3b89.jpg  photo IMG_1098_zpsab756b27.jpg  photo IMG_1099_zpsa75cab3a.jpg  photo IMG_1100_zps675a1513.jpg  photo IMG_1101_zpse582c6f1.jpg

City Nights/City Lights - flow - a shop for men

 photo IMG_1109_zpsa5701cd9.jpg  photo IMG_1112_zpsb4cf5573.jpg  photo IMG_1113_zpsb60f0a63.jpg  photo IMG_1110_zpsef61a83d.jpg  photo IMG_1111_zps4b25b666.jpg  photo IMG_1114_zps43e22a36.jpg  photo IMG_1115_zps3e8cd2cc.jpg  photo IMG_1116_zps5e5f6ee3.jpg