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New Covington Restaurant Sampled at Carriage House Farm

Carriage House Farm in North Bend, Ohio and the Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association hosted its annual Sustainable Farm Tour on Saturday and two Covington businesses were featured participants.

Grateful Grahams, the Pike Street-based wholesaler of a variety of graham crackers and related products was on hand, as was Nuvo at Greenup, the new restaurant slated to open on Greenup Street in the space that previously housed Greenup Cafe,

(SEE PREVIOUSLY: Nuvo at Greenup to Open in former Greenup Cafe Space)

Chef Mark Bordenstein and Marie Anderson, who offered the same concept in Newport until it closed in 2009, were busy with the wood fire grill offering up bacon, potato salad, and other delicious previews of what's to come when the restaurant opens to the public on October 17.

According to its website, Carriage House Farm focuses on moving people from GMO mono-crops to small specialty grains, fresh produce, and farming based on polyculture and sustainability. Their products are used all over the region.

The tour included tastings, sales, and demonstrations.

Photos from The River City News:

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