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Photos: Downtown Living Tour in Louisville

Downtown Louisville showed off its new additions to its long list of housing opportunities during the Downtown Living Tour over the weekend.

The River City News's Michael Monks & Jerod Theobald attended and present these photos and details.

Eight properties were available for tour and included condos and apartments, some newly constructed and others renovated as part of an historic structure. In other cases, new construction was placed behind a preserved historic facade.

Downtown Louisville feels reinvigorated with its slew of independent shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars as well as the influx of new residents, young and old, looking for an urban lifestyle.

While Kentucky's largest city is years ahead, it can serve as a good role model for Covington and the Northern Kentucky River Cities as more urban housing developments begin to take shape in our part of the Commonwealth.

Take a look at the photos and weigh in about what you think, what you like, and what our cities can learn (or teach!), at The River City News Facebook, Twitter, or email!

2013 Downtown Living Tour - Louisville

Our trip started with burnch at Garage Bar, a trendy spot known for its woodfire pizzas and craft beers inside a re-purposed mechanic shop.

The restaurant is part of the revitalized Downtown neighborhood of NuLu where many of the properties on the tour are also situated.


 photo IMG_1206_zps4764a98c.jpg  photo IMG_1209_zps939d4953.jpg  photo IMG_1205_zps8c0fc9a9.jpg  photo IMG_1203_zpsd9679cf0.jpg  photo IMG_1203_zpsd9679cf0.jpg  photo IMG_1208_zpsa77251a5.jpg  photo IMG_1210_zps1478933a.jpg  photo IMG_1211_zpse77a4d44.jpg

Falls City Lofts

Our next stop took us to the new Falls City Lofts, developed inside the original Bacon's Dry Goods building which was constructed in 1844.

It boasts 17 units with open floor plans, exposed brick, and ceiling heights of thirteen to seventeen feet. These condominiums sell for $175-200 per square foot with sizes between 1,100 and 1,800 sq. ft.

The building is across from Louisville Slugger Field.

 photo IMG_1212_zpsd6d0d114.jpg  photo IMG_1216_zpsdc33cc91.jpg  photo IMG_1215_zpsdc7041b5.jpg  photo IMG_1221_zps75b94321.jpg  photo IMG_1222_zps97c5cf20.jpg  photo IMG_1223_zps126d1808.jpg  photo IMG_1224_zpse7da0c34.jpg  photo IMG_1226_zps9cecb238.jpg  photo IMG_1227_zpsbae69784.jpg  photo IMG_1228_zpsca94f200.jpg  photo IMG_1231_zps912a7cb7.jpg  photo IMG_1232_zpsc3a92b52.jpg  photo IMG_1234_zps0b88d72d.jpg  photo IMG_1235_zpsdc959d3f.jpg  photo IMG_1236_zpscab235c2.jpg  photo IMG_1237_zpsd27f93da.jpg  photo IMG_1238_zps10719a34.jpg  photo IMG_1239_zpsa6feb425.jpg  photo IMG_1245_zps3ebb8a2a.jpg

Fleur-de-Lis on Main

The next tour was at the Fleur-de-Lis on Main, a new Downtown development that has eighty-two condos and twelve difference floor plans. The price ranges from $240,000 to $500,000 with retail space on the first floor.

There are two interior courtyards with water features, secured parking, an exercise room, a party room, and a rooftop terrace that boasts views of the Louisville skyline.

 photo IMG_1254_zps4dcfeb7b.jpg  photo IMG_1256_zps382e8d94.jpg  photo IMG_1257_zps48ab302b.jpg  photo IMG_1259_zpsa36f3819.jpg  photo IMG_1260_zps85d3b4c2.jpg  photo IMG_1262_zps6a0ee004.jpg  photo IMG_1264_zpsf7c51e8c.jpg  photo IMG_1267_zps3ae99097.jpg  photo IMG_1268_zps33fbce26.jpg  photo IMG_1269_zpsc9256ec9.jpg  photo IMG_1273_zps2103284d.jpg  photo IMG_1270_zpsdcd30e71.jpg  photo IMG_1277_zpsa9b8e382.jpg  photo IMG_1278_zps250d2111.jpg  photo IMG_1279_zps1ef71735.jpg

Whiskey Row Lofts

Stop #3 was the Whiskey Row Lofts, two Civil War-era buildings featuring lofts (some with two levels) next to the KFC Yum! Center. Rents range from $1,200 to $2,400.

A lot of original materials remain, including wood floors, plaster, and windows. Some apartments have semi-private courtyards or small balconies.

There are thirty apartments in all.

 photo IMG_1287_zps975424f7.jpg  photo IMG_1288_zpsbefcbd81.jpg  photo IMG_1289_zps33b9f583.jpg  photo IMG_1290_zps2539160e.jpg  photo IMG_1292_zps3c62bd8b.jpg  photo IMG_1295_zpsc6f4bb8e.jpg  photo IMG_1296_zpsf22e6da2.jpg  photo IMG_1297_zpsa38ce554.jpg  photo IMG_1299_zpsa81d3198.jpg  photo IMG_1300_zps809ceb45.jpg  photo IMG_1300_zps809ceb45.jpg  photo IMG_1301_zps66b6d0ec.jpg  photo IMG_1303_zpsae88188c.jpg  photo IMG_1304_zpsbf33b6d6.jpg  photo IMG_1307_zps4bd149a7.jpg  photo IMG_1323_zps4d9a17e2.jpg  photo IMG_1325_zps50bd32d7.jpg  photo IMG_1326_zps1d5dc98c.jpg  photo IMG_1334_zpsc3851581.jpg  photo IMG_1339_zps58cdb9e1.jpg


Scenes from Downtown Louisville:

 photo IMG_1341_zps805f33e4.jpg  photo IMG_1342_zps8fd9797b.jpg  photo IMG_1343_zps5fb79a52.jpg  photo IMG_1344_zpsd74d59f6.jpg  photo IMG_1283_zps99803031.jpg  photo IMG_1284_zpsd9288d90.jpg  photo IMG_1285_zps579a215d.jpg  photo IMG_1281_zpsccfb956a.jpg  photo IMG_1255_zps1a6826ba.jpg  photo IMG_1366_zpsf931c69d.jpg  photo IMG_1367_zpsa272a912.jpg  photo IMG_1368_zps253ea448.jpg  photo IMG_1439_zps6aaa4fb1.jpg  photo IMG_1438_zps7cf603b4.jpg

Galt House Suite Apartments

Have you ever dreamed of living in a hotel? The iconic Galt House gives you that option.

The newly renovated units, locked away from regular hotel access, include all the amenities and convenience of a hotel with privacy and a river view included. The units range from 950 to 2,000 sq. ft. and are all fully furnished.

All units include fully equipped kitchens, washer & dryer, a private elevator, weekly housekeeping service, and other extra hotel amenities such as room service.

 photo IMG_1345_zps2d4dcd73.jpg  photo IMG_1346_zps1118d964.jpg  photo IMG_1347_zpsdd8d7ef5.jpg  photo IMG_1348_zps9ac9815c.jpg  photo IMG_1349_zpsd542f1ed.jpg  photo IMG_1352_zps348a3699.jpg  photo IMG_1354_zpsb8343c5a.jpg  photo IMG_1356_zpsdff065df.jpg  photo IMG_1358_zps908eb9b7.jpg  photo IMG_1359_zps695578ea.jpg  photo IMG_1361_zpsce66ccf8.jpg  photo IMG_1362_zps6f94eadf.jpg

Guthrie Coke Lofts

This 1885 building will be home to a major commercial tenant and apartments.


 photo IMG_1370_zps82640c7a.jpg  photo IMG_1371_zps3a91c2ff.jpg  photo IMG_1372_zps0589d549.jpg  photo IMG_1375_zps1208ca03.jpg  photo IMG_1376_zps969f650a.jpg  photo IMG_1377_zps9b1474e0.jpg  photo IMG_1378_zps5f92e89d.jpg  photo IMG_1379_zpsda01c413.jpg  photo IMG_1380_zps1ffa18a7.jpg  photo IMG_1381_zps1b3d3619.jpg  photo IMG_1389_zpsc78e045b.jpg  photo IMG_1390_zps0fcc8ef9.jpg  photo IMG_1391_zps271dba73.jpg

Crescent Centre

This 1980s Downtown developed is in the final stages of renovation. Many of the apartments are updated while some are not. The public spaces are neatly decorated with modern touches and the site features a landscaped courtyard and large community room.

There are two four-story buildings shaped like crescents across the street from one another. Rent ranges in the high $700s to low $1000s.

 photo IMG_1396_zpsf636e02c.jpg  photo IMG_1397_zpsb7750387.jpg  photo IMG_1398_zpscc2edbe4.jpg  photo IMG_1401_zps35b1cafa.jpg  photo IMG_1407_zps9d1c7a92.jpg  photo IMG_1408_zpsf8dd77df.jpg  photo IMG_1409_zps8b454424.jpg  photo IMG_1411_zps7ae29032.jpg  photo IMG_1415_zps36a7857e.jpg

Lofts at Artspace

The old Brown Office Building is now home to ArtSpace which uses most of the floors for its programs and the top two floors for penthouse condos.


 photo IMG_1416_zpscdf37a0f.jpg  photo IMG_1417_zpsa113abc8.jpg  photo IMG_1418_zps5356649e.jpg  photo IMG_1419_zps67ad8c9e.jpg  photo IMG_1421_zps6e9bfd9b.jpg  photo IMG_1424_zpsb31a9939.jpg  photo IMG_1425_zps52d4b3e6.jpg  photo IMG_1426_zps952dbf47.jpg  photo IMG_1427_zps4125558c.jpg  photo IMG_1428_zpse7d56de8.jpg  photo IMG_1433_zps15ec264a.jpg  photo IMG_1434_zps03b78d99.jpg  photo IMG_1435_zps212cccff.jpg  photo IMG_1436_zps99fb760e.jpg  photo IMG_1437_zpsbd348ae4.jpg

The Monsarrat

This Civil War-era hospital also operated as a girls school at one point in its life. 

Now it features eighteen one & two bedroom homes.

Rent starts at $700.

 photo IMG_1440_zps3b794206.jpg  photo IMG_1441_zpsc4328e01.jpg  photo IMG_1442_zpscbebcd6e.jpg  photo IMG_1443_zpscd01f8fe.jpg  photo IMG_1444_zps77e83ba1.jpg  photo IMG_1445_zpsf3cd622e.jpg  photo IMG_1448_zps28472d40.jpg  photo IMG_1449_zps0e6fdabf.jpg

City Homes at The Edge

The final stop was the new development in eastern Downtown Louisville. The area features pedestrian walkways, green spaces, and plazas, and was once home to public housing. 

These units are market rate.


 photo IMG_1452_zps3d34e61c.jpg  photo IMG_1453_zps8577c011.jpg  photo IMG_1454_zps15a7ed86.jpg  photo IMG_1455_zps5b7b4c6f.jpg  photo IMG_1459_zpsdb27ee0f.jpg  photo IMG_1459_zpsdb27ee0f.jpg  photo IMG_1465_zps4a63d51f.jpg  photo IMG_1464_zps21bbfbd1.jpg

And that concludes the tour of Downtown Living in Louisville. What did you think? Join The River City News at FacebookTwitter, or email!