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Be On the Lookout for "Angst" Who's Tagging Covington Buildings

From Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News:

The staff at Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center in Covington's Licking Riverside Historic District arrived at work Friday morning to find the wall near the parking lot "tagged".

Someone calling himsef (or herself) "Angst" had a message: "Art is dead."

The statement was spray-painted on the wall just a day before the Center hosts its annual Twilight in the Gardens event.

This is at least the second time that "Angst" has struck this week. 

I noticed the word "Angst" spray-painted in a similar style this week on what I remember being the front sign at the Lincoln Grant School building. When I checked again on Friday, though, it had I either been removed already or I was incorrect in my remembrance of where I saw it.

In any case, be on the lookout for Angst and let's bust this graffiti artist. If you see him or her, call police at 859-356-3191.

Art is cool. Graffiti is not.

Also, art is not dead, so go to Baker Hunt on Saturday and enjoy Twilight in the Gardens!