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New Covington Walgreens, Tagged with Graffiti, Close to Opening

The new Walgreens on the southeast corner of Madison Avenue & Martin Luther King Boulevard in Covington appears to be close to completion but the new structure was tagged with graffiti this week.

"Why?" is written in green spray paint on multiple windows while a message of love is written on another wall.

The construction of the Walgreens was controversial because it resulted in the razing of a nineteenth century mansion and is located across the street from one of Covington's most iconic landmarks, the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption.

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The property upon which the new Walgreens sits was owned by the Diocese of Covington which sold the property to the company. The new location, which will replace its current location on Madison Avenue two blocks north, was developed by Covington-based Anchor Properties.

The company offered assurances that its new location would be neatly landscaped while also featuring a seating area for people to view the Cathedral.

Here are photos of the new Walgreens and the graffiti:

 photo IMG_1737_zps7b322dd1.jpg  photo IMG_1735_zpsdc75fabf.jpg  photo IMG_1734_zps003d2196.jpg  photo IMG_1731_zps7058b8e5.jpg  photo IMG_1732_zpsb45e187b.jpg  photo IMG_1725_zps892e300c.jpg  photo IMG_1726_zps2caaa2ba.jpg  photo IMG_1728_zpsc82aa705.jpg  photo IMG_1729_zps6c349982.jpg  photo IMG_1736_zpsd9089edf.jpg  photo IMG_1739_zps6dcea40c.jpg  photo IMG_1740_zps5be266d4.jpg  photo IMG_1743_zps461ce62b.jpg  photo IMG_1742_zps9074d97d.jpg  photo IMG_1745_zpsad810aca.jpg  photo IMG_1746_zps76ac777f.jpg  photo IMG_1747_zps17594aec.jpg  photo IMG_1748_zpsf2a239da.jpg