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Photos: Art Off Pike Featured New Film on NKY Architecture, Unique Madison Avenue Replica

Art Off Pike celebrated its ninth year on Seventh Street in Downtown Covington, attracting hundreds of visitors and art vendors from around the region.

Attendees browsed the many artsy offerings and chowed at any of the four food trucks on hand.

This year's event, sponsored by Renaissance Covington, featured live music, the debut of a new film highlighting Northern Kentucky's historic architecture (produced by the Cities of Covington and Bellevue) which will be made available online soon, and a miniature replica of Madison Avenue on display in the Pike Street Arcade.

"Garden City" was the title of the Arcade exhibit which recreated four blocks of Madison Avenue as a gardening society.

Photos by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

 photo IMG_1909_zpsfb1ba356.jpg  photo IMG_1910_zps10fc1c52.jpg  photo IMG_1911_zps522512b6.jpg  photo IMG_1912_zps692060a0.jpg  photo IMG_1913_zpsd6de10de.jpg  photo IMG_1914_zps417e869e.jpg  photo IMG_1915_zps184cfe11.jpg  photo IMG_1916_zps8250d146.jpg  photo IMG_1917_zps78dddff7.jpg  photo IMG_1918_zps0d54fa80.jpg  photo IMG_1919_zpse6131b72.jpg  photo IMG_1920_zps3d9d2198.jpg  photo IMG_1921_zps4d540628.jpg  photo IMG_1922_zps57602275.jpg  photo IMG_1923_zpse24cc84e.jpg  photo IMG_1924_zps5a0dfa58.jpg  photo IMG_1925_zpsfaef8b82.jpg  photo IMG_1926_zpse235979a.jpg  photo IMG_1928_zps5df3a9b4.jpg  photo IMG_1929_zps0f167696.jpg  photo IMG_1930_zpsbc1fb0b9.jpg  photo IMG_1931_zps99eaf9be.jpg  photo IMG_1932_zps3d6dc06d.jpg  photo IMG_1933_zps44683baa.jpg  photo IMG_1934_zps57a6c76e.jpg  photo IMG_1935_zps2a2589bc.jpg  photo IMG_1936_zps1d54849d.jpg  photo IMG_1937_zps9b6e6f7d.jpg  photo IMG_1938_zpsde61401f.jpg  photo IMG_1939_zpsabc29409.jpg  photo IMG_1940_zps1051d92c.jpg  photo IMG_1941_zps1e2601ba.jpg  photo IMG_1942_zpsb3d3b571.jpg  photo IMG_1943_zps793c1834.jpg  photo IMG_1944_zps5f2d51db.jpg  photo IMG_1945_zpsb967d409.jpg  photo IMG_1946_zps51d25862.jpg  photo IMG_1948_zpsd7062fc1.jpg  photo IMG_1948_zpsd7062fc1.jpg  photo IMG_1949_zpsa937632a.jpg  photo IMG_1951_zps645e72eb.jpg  photo IMG_1952_zpsf429b43b.jpg  photo IMG_1953_zps3b20c7d2.jpg  photo IMG_1955_zpscc9fc1f2.jpg

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