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Covington Architecture Video Released Online, Historic Preservation Officer Honored

Covington Historic Preservation Officer Beth Johnson was given the John Russell Groves Citizens Laureate Award by the American Institute of Architects during the Kentucky Chapter's meeting in Louisville two weeks ago.

"This award means a lot to me," Johnson said. "Architects have to come to me every  day and work with me and it means a lot."

"I think sometimes we forget what a tremendous staff we have here working every day to make the city better and Beth is an example of that," said Mike Yeager, Covington Community Services Director.

"Working with the architects and having them appreciate what you contribute to the city is very special," said Mayor Sherry Carran.

Meanwhile, a 45-minute documentary about the historic architecture in Covington, Newport, and Bellevue that debuted during Art Off Pike, is now available for viewing online.

Johnson and Bellevue's Jody Robinson spearheaded the production hosted by Covington architect Jim Guthrie.

You can watch the video below or by clicking here: