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Grateful Grahams Expands Kitchen in Covington, Helps Other Businesses

After moving to Covington last winter, Grateful Grahams has already grown so much that it needed a bigger space.

Incidentally, at around the same time, Senior Services of Northern Kentucky no longer needed its industrial kitchen space and was searching for a tenant with an interest in making a difference in the community.

Grateful Grahams and SSNK turned out to be a perfect match.

Rachel DesRochers, the founder of Grateful Grahams, is committed to quality vegan products and to supporting fellow women food-based entrepreneurs.

With its relocation from Pike Street to the industrial kitchen on Madison Avenue, Grateful Grahams will not only be able to expand its operations but will also be able to help others achieve their culinary dreams.

DesRochers has already attracted several female entrepreneurs to her new kitchen incubator including Love & Fluff marshmallow makers, Delish Dish caterers, Evergreen Holistic Learning Center which bakes vegan zucchini bread, and Piebirds Sweet & Savory Specialties.

"The idea behind this collective is not only to provide others the opportunity to realize a dream, it also creates an ability to build important collective buying power," DesRochers said. "Just as important is the empowering and innovative environment of talented individuals who can share skills, contacts, and knowledge to help empower and improve each other's businesses."

DesRochers founded Grateful Grahams after losing her job a few years ago and while spending time with her children, tried a graham cracker recipe that changed her future.

Read more about the origins of Grateful Grahams in this story from The River City News last March: Grateful Grahams Moves to Covington

Photo: Rachel DesRochers with son/by Kiwi Streets Studio (Gina Weathersby)/provided