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Photos: Awesome Collective Represents Covington in California

Editor's Note: The River City News Editor & Publisher Michael Monks recently became a member of the CORE leadership team of the Awesome Collective of Covington and attended this trip to Sacramento and San Francisco, California with the organization.


The Awesome Collective of Covington in partnership with the Center for Great Neighborhoods was awarded a grant from NeighborWorks America to attend the national Community Leadership Institute in Sacramento, held Thursday through Sunday last week. Some members of the Covington organization then spent two personally-funded days in San Francisco.

Pictures of the trip follow below.

Stories of what was learned will come out over the coming days with the first installment shared by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News in an article that can be read by clicking here.

All photos by members of the Awesome Collective.

 photo AwesomeSF1_zps6defa4d3.jpg

Left to right: Ryan Grayson, Ashley Shewmaker, Dan Petronio (Center for Great Neighborhoods), Tess Burns, Lydia Cook, Michael Monks, Jerod Theobald, Blair Grayson

 photo AwesomeSF7_zpsc065927f.jpg

A message of truth on a Downtown Sacramento street

 photo AwesomeSF5_zps55e35765.jpg

Lydia and Yoda

 photo AwesomeSF22_zpsa1d38ac2.jpg

Group session at #SactoCLI

 photo AwesomeSF24_zps5034b08c.jpg

Covington is Awesome, even in Sacramento

 photo AwesomeSF23_zps9fae210e.jpg

 photo AwesomeSF19_zps5c38d4a7.jpg

 photo AwesomeSF18_zps4cd19c57.jpg

Luggage as art at the Sacramento airport

 photo AwesomeSF25_zps0f22d97b.jpg

A fabulous Greek restaurant in Sacramento accepted our gift of an AC Covington Awesome Since 1815 patch and immediately displayed it in their window! #theCOV

 photo AwesomeSF28_zps42755e27.jpg

There was... a lot of eating.

 photo AwesomeSF27_zpsc118601a.jpg

The AC heads to a session with swag in tow

 photo AwesomeSF26_zps303ebee9.jpg

RCN Editor Michael Monks reviews the Covington City Commission agenda from thousands of miles away... when he should have been paying attention to the instructor #SomeThingsNeverChange

 photo AwesomeSF8_zpsa59c0dbb.jpg

Some AC members studied urban farming efforts in Sacramento

 photo AwesomeSF12_zps478924bb.jpg  photo AwesomeSF13_zpse027d47a.jpg  photo AwesomeSF14_zpseade9fed.jpg

...eating healthy at the conference.

 photo AwesomeSF15_zps7b66dde8.jpg

Painted trees. Like them?

 photo IMG_2471_zpse5608a72.jpg

Other members of the AC learned about sustainable green living at Sacramento & Davis, California housing developments #SolarPanels #LotsOfSolarPanels

 photo IMG_2472_zpsfebef804.jpg  photo IMG_2473_zps8486847e.jpg  photo IMG_2474_zpsdcdb3839.jpg

 photo IMG_2474_zpsdcdb3839.jpg

After three days of learning about making communities better and having a great time in the underrated and awesome city of Sacramento, five members of The Awesome Collective departed for two days of pleasure in San Francisco. 

 photo AwesomeSF11_zpse7107e13.jpg  photo IMG_2475_zps9cf3bf0e.jpg  photo IMG_2476_zps0a0a304e.jpg  photo IMG_2477_zpsab5fe5bc.jpg  photo AwesomeSF2_zpsb8987f4d.jpg  photo AwesomeSF6_zpsbe12cd9c.jpg  photo AwesomeSF4_zpscb4a8642.jpg  photo IMG_2485_zpsdf570a0b.jpg  photo IMG_2486_zps31a4cea5.jpg  photo IMG_2488_zps74023a77.jpg  photo IMG_2491_zps8365220a.jpg  photo IMG_2492_zpsbb91f939.jpg  photo IMG_2493_zps7f9065f0.jpg  photo AwesomeSF3_zps4e56d81f.jpg

We also checked out some awesome small, independent businesses in SF:

 photo IMG_2494_zps84cd3a93.jpg  photo IMG_2495_zps3c83d6c2.jpg  photo IMG_2500_zpsfdbb5698.jpg  photo IMG_2499_zpsc44178c8.jpg

Everywhere you look in San Francisco, your breath could be taken...

 photo IMG_2511_zps8136ff6b.jpg  photo IMG_2512_zps1edf9f89.jpg  photo IMG_2513_zpsa9f7b994.jpg

...but wow... The Palace of Fine Arts...

 photo IMG_2514_zpsca62fe7b.jpg  photo IMG_2515_zpsbb55366b.jpg  photo IMG_2516_zpsdf2ddade.jpg  photo IMG_2517_zps8b4fd5cd.jpg  photo IMG_2518_zps1e10f759.jpg  photo IMG_2520_zps8e0b6389.jpg  photo IMG_2521_zps7792537f.jpg  photo IMG_2522_zpsb7a3b7a5.jpg  photo IMG_2523_zpsa69b77fa.jpg  photo IMG_2525_zpsfb78a23a.jpg  photo IMG_2525_zpsfb78a23a.jpg  photo IMG_2529_zps41404b88.jpg  photo IMG_2533_zps7ae0ee39.jpg

More sites around SF...

 photo IMG_2536_zps8b37437d.jpg  photo IMG_2537_zps5134561b.jpg  photo IMG_2538_zpsb41cd8eb.jpg  photo IMG_2542_zps09d5fa6a.jpg  photo IMG_2543_zpscaf8d9d1.jpg  photo IMG_2544_zps7a1372e2.jpg  photo IMG_2545_zps83bb88dc.jpg  photo IMG_2546_zps414ae257.jpg  photo IMG_2547_zps7c854802.jpg  photo IMG_2548_zpsb419556a.jpg  photo IMG_2553_zps76804085.jpg  photo IMG_2554_zpsa830a93e.jpg  photo IMG_2555_zps10a53611.jpg  photo IMG_2556_zps31f5e068.jpg  photo IMG_2557_zpsde4c26f0.jpg  photo IMG_2558_zpsea31b89a.jpg  photo IMG_2559_zps5aa056ca.jpg  photo IMG_2561_zpsb0280676.jpg  photo IMG_2562_zps81ac4f2d.jpg

The AC also got to meet with folks from 826 Valencia which was inspirational for the group's members...

 photo AwesomeSF9_zpse80aae1b.jpg  photo IMG_2563_zps74160d54.jpg

Of course, all things must end... but The Awesome Collective was ready to return to Covington to share new knowledge and to continue its efforts in collaborating with other community change-makers to make Covington a little more awesome every day. Learn more: The Awesome Collective of Covington

 photo IMG_2564_zps71af7e9c.jpg