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Photos: Vigil Fills Street to Remember Slain Covington Teen

A Covington teen, gunned down Sunday night, was remembered Wednesday night on the same street where a bullet ended his life.

"We wanted to throw him the biggest party ever," said 19-year old Desean Peterson's mother, Birgeeta Peterson.

A large crowd assembled on the 1700 block of Garrard Street in Austinburg where stories and tears were shared and Desean, an aspiring hip hop artist, was present through the speakers of a parked car where his music inspired a sad group to dance.

"Everybody loved Sean," Peterson said. "He was a lovable guy. He loved everyone. That's why I don't understand why he's gone."

Six teens are charged in connection with Peterson's death, two of them juveniles and five of them charged with complicity to commit murder.

At a news conference earlier Tuesday, Covington Police Chief Spike Jones and Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders said that they do not believe the shooting death was gang-related but rather the end of a feud between two rival groups of teens.

Birgeeta chalked it up to "haters" and "jealousy" and said that the younger males involved in her son's death were lured into the crime by older males. "They let grown men provoke them to do these things they never would have done," she said.

She urged other teens to avoid violence by staying in school and finding religion. "Put God in your life. Y'all need that bad," Peterson said.

Many in the crowd sported new t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts with tributes to the man they knew as Sean P, a former Holmes football star and 2012 prom king who found love for the pen and paper where he would scribble his rhymes for recording in the homemade studio he put in his bedroom closet.

"First he wanted to play football and then he started falling in love with music," Desean's mother said. "Everything he touched he was good at."

Story & photos by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News


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