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City to Consider Formal Support of Business Improvement District

The City of Covington will sign on to the proposed business improvement district for Downtown if approved by the city commission on Tuesday night.

The Covington Business Council is collecting signatures of Downtown commercial property owners in order to create the Center City Covington Management District. More than half of the commercial property owners representing more than half the real estate value in the designated area (roughly MLK Blvd north to the river along Madison Avenue and Scott Boulevard).

The City owns real property in the area and will become a signature on the petition if approved Tuesday. The city commission previously voted to lend its ceremonial support to the effort.

More from Tuesday's Covington City Commission agenda:

  • Waterfront parking lot to be redeveloped. The parking lot near the site of Jeff Ruby's The Waterfront, which is moving to Covington Landing, will be made part of Riverfront Commons if approved Tuesday. A contarct was previously awarded to Woolpert, Inc to begin work on the riverfront project at the foot of Greenup Street and westward and now the City had identified the parking lot as a possible addition. It is "prime for additional activity" including a walkway along the levee according to the agenda.
  • The audit committee has reviewed its charter and has recommended an update for commission consideration.
  • Up to 4,000 tons of salt may be purchased, if approved, from The Detroit Salt Company at $68.49 per ton. The City can make this purchase through its cooperative purchasing agreement with Kenton Co.
  • New computer software compatible with the Kentucky State Police may be purchased for the Covington Police for $75,000 from the forfeited assets fund
  • Marc Hult will be reappointed to the Kenton County Planning Commission

Photo: Covington City Hall/RCN file

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