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Letter: Construction All Around Scott High School

The campus of Scott High School in Taylor Mill is the center of a construction project surrounded by an even larger construction project.

Students, faculty, and staff are not only dealing with the important work being done on the building but they have also had to navigate every change in traffic flow and access caused by the Taylor Mill Road widening project. Most recently, Old Taylor Mill Road was shut down.

Dr. Brennon Sapp, principal at Scott, issued a letter this week offering details on the latest round of construction at the school:

For those affected by the current phase of construction at Scott High School, we sincerely appreciate and thank you for your patience and understanding as we proceed with this renovation project.

We know the process can be disruptive at times both inside and outside of the facility, but we want you to know that we are doing everything in our power to minimize the noise, dust/mud, and overall disruption to your school day. Our construction is compounded by the current road construction project and we understand the total impact of this work on your daily experience at Scott High School. 

The current project sequence is very close to getting the new addition “dried in” before the bad winter weather. This is a critical segment of construction in order to provide a dry and clean building for the contractors to complete the interior finishes. As such, the roofer is now beginning the installation of the roofing system. Some of the new roofing structure is a built-up system that utilizes a hot-melt adhesive. This system is commonly utilized on flat roofing systems. Unfortunately, the odor from this adhesive can be offensive to some individuals. The contractor is planning to do all that they can to minimize the impact of this process; however, we have received complaints about the odor from previous construction jobs around the school district; therefore we are informing about the scope of work involved in this next sequence of our construction project.

If anyone is affected by this odor please contact the school administration. The work is expected to last approximately three to four weeks depending on the weather. All of this work is taking place outside the occupied school building but sometimes the odor can permeate throughout the immediate area depending on the direction of the wind.     

Again, we thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this major renovation project.

Please let us know of any questions or concerns.