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Photos: Inside the Historic First United Methodist Church

Covington is blessed with a large congregation of beautiful churches, and one sits at the corner of Fifth and Greenup Streets in Licking Riverside.

The First United Methodist Church no longer hosts a congregation of its own (it joined another church in the suburbs) but will soon have a new life as part of the Gareway Community & Technical College Urban Metropolitan Campus.

The college purchased the property last year though what it will specifically do with it is not yet known.

The structure, which suffered at least two damaging fires and one significant weather calamity, dates to the nineteenth century. Jesse Grant, father of President Ulysses S. Grant, was a member of the church and when he died in 1873, the President attended his funeral here.

The River City News got a tour of the structure this week and shares with you these photos:

 photo IMG_2784_zps071f80fc.jpg  photo IMG_2787_zps55aa0ed6.jpg  photo IMG_2786_zps4970fa19.jpg  photo IMG_2781_zps636f8e42.jpg  photo IMG_2782_zpse575a062.jpg

The Parish House:

 photo IMG_2750_zpsc3e865b9.jpg  photo IMG_2751_zps3a120ed1.jpg  photo IMG_2752_zps929938f4.jpg  photo IMG_2753_zps3a815020.jpg  photo IMG_2754_zps244d8b08.jpg  photo IMG_2755_zps21f04e6e.jpg  photo IMG_2756_zps51cd5a01.jpg  photo IMG_2757_zpsd50f4e73.jpg

The sanctuary:

 photo IMG_2758_zpsc42e2097.jpg  photo IMG_2759_zps4a995d6b.jpg  photo IMG_2760_zps19f5a19d.jpg  photo IMG_2761_zps0943c8e5.jpg  photo IMG_2762_zps2d0fa304.jpg  photo IMG_2763_zps6eb7bb2a.jpg  photo IMG_2764_zpse354867f.jpg  photo IMG_2765_zps14a497e7.jpg  photo IMG_2766_zpse3907a95.jpg  photo IMG_2767_zpsdd2dfc29.jpg  photo IMG_2768_zps9bdc452e.jpg  photo IMG_2769_zpsfe691a6d.jpg  photo IMG_2770_zps53ef3618.jpg  photo IMG_2772_zps16da8405.jpg  photo IMG_2775_zps74a59957.jpg  photo IMG_2776_zpsba42d83b.jpg  photo IMG_2777_zpsa52f75ea.jpg

The kitchen/gym

 photo IMG_2778_zpsc4204e9f.jpg  photo IMG_2779_zps03e494b1.jpg  photo IMG_2780_zpsb8d5f5b0.jpg