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Dayton Council Gives Go-Ahead to Development of 40 Riverfront Homes

Written by Irwin Fletcher, RCN Contributor

The Dayton City Council on Tuesday unanimously accepted Phase A plans for the development of forty single family homes along the city's northern shore of the Ohio River.

The development project is led by DCI Properties, Inc.

The Planning and Zoning Commission had previously accepted the plans at its October 15 meeting.

City administrator Dennis Redmond expressed concern that with a vote in favor of the development, in the future a council of 5 members, one being a certified architect and 2 being Dayton residents appointed by Mayor and approved by council, would guide restrictions moving forward.  Local city architect Lynn Adam mentioned he would be able to offer assistance to a newly formed council.

After brief debate the council voted in favor of allowing “Phase A” to proceed with a unanimous vote.  Construction for the main road has already begun alongside the floodwall and O’Fallon Avenue, and with this vote the developer may now begin construction of single family homes along the floodwall.

Recreational vehicle restrictions approved

The council voted 5-1 on an issue involving recreational vehicles during fall and winter months. After reviewing the recommendations of the planning & zoning commission, the council voted to allow river ordinance access for recreational vehicles. Bill Burns was the lone vote against.

The following restrictions were tied to the approval:

-          Only allowed on crushed stone lots

-          On site only during the period of March 1 – October 31st

-          Must be removed from River Ordinance Zone in off dates

The restrictions were in place by the planning and zoning commission due to the concern of stretching city resources such as fire and police to part time residents.  

Photo: New access road to Manhattan Harbor on Dayton's riverfront/provided


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