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Grippo's: Removing Trans Fat Will Change the Taste of Chips

The Food & Drug Administration wants to remove artificial trans fats from the US food supply, but one locally-based company says that will adversely change the taste of their product.

Grippo's, posting at its Facebook page, wrote:

By now you have probably heard about the FDA proposal to remove trans-fat from the U.S. food supply.
If this proposal becomes law, it WILL alter the taste of your favorite potato chip! As some of you may remember, Grippo's tried to remove trans-fat from our product a few years back...we did not receive ANY favorable feedback. It was decided to not mess with perfection and we quickly changed back to our original formula!

The company added that it was not trying to persuade anyone one way or the other, but wanted people to be aware.

The FDA announced its plans on Thursday. USA Today reports:

Many companies began to take trans fat-containing ingredients out of their products over 10 years ago, when health concerns about them surfaced and when cities, including New York and San Francisco, banned their use in restaurants. An FDA rule requiring they be listed on nutrition labels in 2006 further spurred food manufacturers to remove them.

In a statement, the Grocery Manufacturers of America said since that 2005 food manufacturers have already lowered trans fats in products by more than 73%. Today, the FDA says, 12% of all packaged foods contain a partially hydrogenated oil, the formal name for trans fats.

Numerous studies have shown that consumption of trans fats can have "lots of adverse health events, including raising bad cholesterol and lowering good cholesterol," said Penny Kris-Etherton, a professor of nutrition at Penn State University in University Park, Pa.

The Center for Disease Control contends that trans fats are responsible for 5,000 American deaths each year and heart disease cases in 15,000 more.

Meanwhile, Cincinnati-based Grippo's popularity spans the globe. Some local soldiers in Afghanistan shared this image with the chip company's Facebook page:

 photo grippos2_zps234d4702.jpg

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