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Northern Kentucky Teen Writes Capitalism Book With Dad, Goes on National TV

It was not a typical Friday for 13-year old Lauren Hudson. A day after speaking in front of the Covington Business Council where she signed copies of her new book, the eighth grader at Turkeyfoot Middle School made two appearances on FOX Business Channel.

Hudson co-authored with her father the new book, Our Best Tomorrow: Students Teaching Capitalism to America. The book is now available.

"Capitalism is kind of all around is and like everything in this room and everything you see comes from capitalism and I think it's important that children know about it," Lauren said. She spent the summer working on the book with her father, author and lawyer Robert Hudson. "I still like to have a lot of fun in the summers so I worked whenever I wasn't out having fun, but then he pushed me at the end of the summer to get it done."

Robert wrote a book by himself that was published in 2012 but this new release has a different style than his successful A Better Tomorrow: Fighting for Capitalism and Jobs in the Heartland."

"It was wonderful because I had a writer of fiction in my family who could write better than I could," Robert said of his collaboration with his teen daughter. "People say that lawyers lose their ability to write as soon as they pass the bar and I was blessed with Lauren."
The new book is actually the work of three generations. Robert's artist father created the illustrations for Our Best Tomorrow.
The book blends the fictional tales of three young friends and their climb to success written by Lauren and lessons and tips from history written by Robert. The book will be used by students in the Kenton County School system, Robert said.
"Starting young will increase our children's ability to achieve financial independence through education, hard work, and perseverance lessons and values we know, but sometimes get lost in our ever increasing political environment," the book's description on Amazon reads.
"Simply stated, it's that students learn more about capitalism," Robert said of the book's purpose. "If we look around is in the community, capitalism is responsible for most of our jobs, it helps fund our charities, and it provides things we want and need in life through the free market. Capitalism is often misunderstood and maligned. We would like to be able to touch students in a way to help them understand the virtues of capitalism."
"I don't think (students) understand why it's such an important topic but once they pick it up and start reading, they'll realize it is important and it's going to be them running it and making it happen one day," Lauren said.
Following her brief talk at the Covington Business Council luncheon on Thursday, Lauren made two separate appearances on FOX Business Channel programs.
You can see one video of her appearance by clicking here.
Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News


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