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Traffic Lights to Be Restored at James & Eastern in Next Few Days

It was eighteen days ago that a senior citizen driver dropped his cane on his vehicle's floor, reached down to pick it up, and then crashed into a utility pole at the corner of James and Eastern Avenues in Covington.

The crash shook him up but left the man unharmed.

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The traffic lights, however, have been out ever since and replaced by temporary stop signs at the busy intersection.

The length of time it has taken to replace the traffic lights is credited to the fact that the old power source was ruined and and now the intersection requires the attention of newly installed power and lights, according to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, which owns them.

The state inspector has checked out the newly hung lights and Duke Energy will take a look next. A representative with the Transportation Cabinet told The River City News that the lights should be operational in the next few days.

Photo: Vehicle takes out traffic lights at James & Eastern/RCN file

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