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Photos: Inside Downtown Covington Pop-Up Shops

The Mutual Holiday Pop-Up Market in Downtown Covington opened for business on Friday morning.

The three shops set inside the soon-to-be renovated Mutual Insurance Building fill their spaces nicely and attracted shoppers throughout the day, owners told The River City News.

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Those shops include Kelley's Kloset, a ladies' merchandise & clothing store from the guys behind Home Style, Russ Shirley and Michael Kelley; Tarantino Designs, a collection of historic items turned into art, from Erin & Gina Tarantino; Uncorked in Covington, a pop-up version of its Rabbit Hash location featuring Kentucky artisan products and a long line of "I (Heart) the COV" apparel, from Shawn Masters, Thomas Harding, and Diane Brumback.

A fourth shop, One of a Kind by Bennie Doggett did not open as announced.

Take a look inside:

 photo IMG_3235_zps3977c9db.jpg  photo IMG_3236_zps2c8031c3.jpg  photo IMG_3231_zps09bb1183.jpg  photo IMG_3232_zps6763d845.jpg  photo IMG_3233_zpsf777521e.jpg  photo IMG_3229_zpsdeeee936.jpg  photo IMG_3228_zps814f6f0b.jpg  photo IMG_3225_zpsd4405966.jpg  photo IMG_3226_zps5dbbae5b.jpg  photo IMG_3227_zpse224df60.jpg  photo IMG_3220_zps601ddcf9.jpg  photo IMG_3221_zpsdbe99b6b.jpg  photo IMG_3230_zpsd8a76e4e.jpg  photo IMG_3219_zps0864d50b.jpg  photo IMG_3216_zps75c99d3a.jpg  photo IMG_3217_zpsff20d963.jpg  photo IMG_3218_zps5452ff8d.jpg  photo IMG_3215_zps673de6dd.jpg  photo IMG_3204_zpsfed8337f.jpg  photo IMG_3205_zpse9f12b02.jpg  photo IMG_3206_zps725f8271.jpg  photo IMG_3207_zpsfcccfed3.jpg  photo IMG_3208_zpsc5d643e7.jpg  photo IMG_3209_zpsf5464f5d.jpg  photo IMG_3210_zps0b56ca47.jpg  photo IMG_3211_zpsc593f15f.jpg  photo IMG_3212_zps71bed30c.jpg  photo IMG_3213_zps229bba5c.jpg  photo IMG_3214_zpsa6b833ec.jpg

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