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Meeting Set to Address Tree Project on Holman Avenue

The City of Covington will be sending letters to residents on Holman Avenue to further explain the tree removal and planting project going on.

In October, members of the Friends of Peaselburg Neighborhood Association expressed frustration over the project with some believing that there was not enough communication with residents prior to the removal of some Bradford pear trees on the street.

The City is attempting to rid itself of the Bradford, which makes up 30% of Covington's "urban canopy" and which its urban forestry division considers to be invasive.

In a letter signed by Mayor Sherry Carran, residents are told that the City made an effort to reach as many people in the neighborhood as possible prior to the project's beginning. Workers went door-to-door and Carran writes that about half of the street's residents and property owners were contacted that way. "(B)ut we wanted to offer another opportunity to those we did not reach or those who want to know more about the project," Carran writes.

A meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, December 18, at 6 p.m. at the Center for Great Neighborhoods (1650 Russell Street).

The timeline for the project, which is already underway, includes the removal of Bradford pear trees and the grinding of the remaining stumps through February, according to a pamphlet that will accompany the letter. On April 4 and 5, the City has scheduled all-day tree planting events. The pamphlet indicates that the remaining work not completed that weekend would be finished on Monday, April 6.

The Bradfords are troublesome, urban foresters have argued, because of the smelly berries they drop, the way they grow, and for other reasons outlined at another public meeting in Latonia where the trees are also being removed.

New trees on Holman will include ivory silk lilacs, the Autumn Brilliance serviceberry, the Washington hawthorn, the Yoshino cherry, the Zelcova, and the European hophornbeam.

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

Photo: Berries on a Washington Hawthorn/via Wikipedia

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