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Covington Firm Develops New Image for Lexington Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau recently announced their new name, VisitLEX, and new look developed by Covington-based creative firm BLDG.
Delivering a refreshed identity and strong aesthetic, BLDG expands the VisitLEX brand as well as their impact on the region.
“Lexington is the centerpiece of the Bluegrass Region and was in the perfect position to further define who they were as a brand," said Chris Ritter, a partner at BLDG, in a news release. "As an outside entity, we were able to provide a fresh perspective on what makes the city a great destination.”
The project aimed to capitalize on Lexington’s iconic identity while infusing VisitLEX with a modern, cohesive look and feel. BLDG began with an audit of existing branding  and communication to distill all of the brand’s assets and help position them to further build presence, reputation and business. 
Taking inspiration from symbols of Kentucky pride and culture, such as horse stable name plates and the equestrian painting tradition, they created an identity system that gives VisitLEX instant recognition and visually tells the brand’s story.
Describing the project and their approach, Ritter said, “The project carefully evolved the equity of the existing brand as we created a full identity package for VisitLEX that 
capitalizes on the unique experience it offers visitors. The new identity gives VisitLEX an eclectic personality with refined, modern appeal and gives the brand vision for the future.”

 photo visitlex1_zps27ba6cc5.png

The new identity represents the history and tradition of Lexington and allows new opportunities to share the diversity, confidence, prosperity, and all-embracing attitude 
of this growing community.
“We are thrilled with their work and are excited to launch our expanded brand identifying Lexington as a peerless and magnetic destination,” said Jim Browder, President of VisitLEX, in a news release.
VisitLEX will begin transitioning the new identity in January 2014.
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