Covington Businesses Featured in Soapbox

A pair of Covington businesses are featured at Soapbox Cincinnati.

The online magazine made a trip to Scooter Media's new location at the corner of Sixth & Russell Streets. You can read The River City News profile of owner Shannan Boyer and her new neighbor, Spotted Yeti Media here: Old Pharmacy Building Now Houses 2 Growing Media Businesses.

Here's part of Soapbox's take on Boyer's effort to balance work and life:

“You have to really make work-life balance a priority,” Boyer says. “Owning your own business is very time-intensive. There’s always something you could be doing that is work-related. I try very hard to be in the moment when I’m with my kids. I focus on giving them my attention and on engaging with them. I try to keep work outside of my 8 a.m.-5 p.m. office hours to after they’ve gone to bed, early in the morning before they’ve gotten up or when they are off with friends. Once the boys head to bed, I’ll typically log back onto my computer to look over my e-mail and check in on any social media accounts I’m managing for my clients. It means a lot of late nights, but it’s worth it.”

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Soapbox also profiled Jerod Theobald, owner of flow - a shop for men (621 Scott Blvd) and business manager at The River City News:

Three years ago, I made the decision to move across the river and purchased a home in Covington. I spent nearly three years creating the concept for the shop and another 10 months or so scouting out locations in neighborhoods in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Back in 2011, there was a lot of negativity swirling within Covington. I wanted to be a part of the turnaround in downtown by creating something special and helping change people's perceptions of the city. Covington is my home and the shop's home—I'm all in. 

Full story: Soapbox

Photo: Scooter Media's home in Covington/RCN file