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Developers Announce Initial Plans for MLK Properties Bought at Auction

The developers who purchased four properties on Martin Luther King Boulevard auctioned by the Commonwealth of Kentucky spoke Monday to the Linden Gateway Small Area Study Group.
Some initial plans on what to do with them were presented as highlighted in the meeting's minutes. (The River City News was not present at the meeting and these notes are taken from the meeting minutes, as well as past reports by RCN.)
Mark Ramler of Mansion Hill Properties purchased what is known as the Flannery Building and plans to renovate it the upper floors into apartments with a commercial office space on the first floor.
Tom Feldhaus and Jim Martin acquired two properties at the auction, one known as the Ashcrrft House. They will be rented out in the meantime and down the road one could be renovated to house a cafe or other business. According to the meeting minutes, Feldhaus is "still very open to other options".
The former Helman Lumber Building was purchased by the Center for Great Neighborhoods which has plans that include the possibility of community use in the form of galleries, lectures, and performances. Other parts of the building could house studio and class space, and artists in residence.
According to the meeting minutes, the Center is working with focus groups and look at other "maker spaces" to decide what would be most appropriate.

"The Center pursued this building," Executive Director Tom DiBello told The River City News in October. "Our objective is in keeping with the city's and the state's desire for the historic integrity. That is something that is important to us. We hope to have a positive community impact and to have an economic impact for Covington."

"We have a concept having to do with art and culture that we will achieve."

It should be noted that all of these property sales require approval from the state and that closing have not happened yet.
Photo: Helman Lumber Building/RCN file