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Viral Idiocy: UK Fan's Phone Call to Radio Show Goes National

A regular caller to Kentucky Sports Radio, a wildly popular show and blog that focuses on University of Kentucky sports (primarily basketball) hit the big time over the weekend when a particularly ridiculous call caught the attention of various national media outlets.

The caller, a guy named "Chester", said to the hosts, "There's something that's been on my mind and I'm gonna try to get it out without making anybody too upset here."

And then things took a turn for the stupid.

Chester was complaining about lower attendance at UK's Rupp Arena and identified what he thinks might be the reason.

"Here's what I think it goes back to... there's been too much of an emphasis over at that school... about UK being a research plce, a place where w ecome over there and do all this research and I think that has gotten into that student body over there and they got a lot of people over there that don't appreciate sports."

The nearly 4-minute call was picked up by Buzzfeed which transcribed parts:

One of the hosts dares to raise the idea that the point of a school is to educate. Chester's response?

"That's bull. That's bull—Well, it's true. But educate them on this: sports."

The Courier-Journal's Tim Sullivan said UK suffers from the virality of the call:

To the extent Chester’s misplaced priorities reflect poorly on the state’s citizenry, someone ought to set him straight. But the battle for the hearts and minds of America is ongoing, and it is not going well.

ESPN host Keith Olbermann labeled Chester as his "Worst Person in the World" for the day.

Take a listen to the call and decide for yourself:

Photo: UK takes on Michigan State/James Pennington (KY Forward)

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