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Former Covington Police Officer Joins Race for City Commission

Former Covington Police Lieutenant Danny Jackson has filed his papers to run for city commission in 2014.

Hired as an officer in 1989, Jackson served until 2003 when he was fired by a vote of the Covington City Commission and ultimately filed a lawsuit to be reinstated and to claim back pay, as well as to have disciplinary action removed from his personnel record, according to a 2003 report in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

That suit was settled in December 2004.

Since leaving the department, Jackson has served as a law enforcement professional for the Department of Defense in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jackson lives in South Covington. He joins Bill Wells and Jordan Huizenga as candidates that have formally announced for the race, though others have filed papers intending to run.

Here is the news release from Jackson:

Danny Jackson, a retired Covington Police Lieutenant and active international police advisor for the U.S. government, is running to represent Covington residents' best interests on the Covington Commission.

"My past experiences of leadership in service to Covington and to our country abroad have helped to make me qualified to continue my lifetime of public service and to lead Covington to a better future in the years to come. I am no stranger to the faces of adversity or problem confrontation and I have always worked with others to find workable solutions. I believe in strong leadership, accountability, fiscal responsibility and a commitment to our residents.
As he kicks off his campaign, Mr. Jackson outlined his positions on Safety and Security for residents and Economic Development.
Safety and Security:
“First and foremost, I want to ensure our public safety with an emphasis on improving the capabilities of our Police and Fire Departments to provide quality service to all the residents and visitors in our city. Nothing can be more important than for all of us to be safe and secure in our homes and in our businesses.”
“I think at the end of the day our citizens, business owners, and workforce want to know that they can go about their lives feeling safe from the dangerous elements that confront our everyday lives. We must give those who are entrusted to protect us the resources and an adequate workforce to accomplish those tasks to the best of their abilities.”
“With the growing problem of youth violence in our society, now more than ever it is important to develop youth sports and activities to provide guidance and civil direction 
within our community. I feel one of the best ways to accomplish this is to involve those who are the most visible in our city and the ones that our youth could and should be looking up to, our very own Police & Fire personnel.”
“I can envision a partnership between the city and its citizens where the youths of our city will be provided with role models and shown that there is a much better alternative
to life than the destructive violence that faces our children every day on our streets.”
Economic Development:
"Where it comes to economic development I think we should listen to the professionals and put a heavy emphasis on the advice and opinions of our business leaders and 
developers and we should take advantage of the knowledge that their expertise can provide. We have got to offer the proper incentives to businesses to encourage them to locate in Covington and to remain here. We must become more competitive. There is no good reason for us to continue to lag behind the rest of northern Kentucky and 
Cincinnati. We can be better than that. Let’s put the business of business in the hands of those who know it best. Where they succeed, we all succeed. I truly want to see all in our community prosper.”
General Message to Voters:
“We have a duty to elect a City Commission that can work together as a team for the benefit of our community and for the taxpayers that make it possible. I feel it is time we as citizens demand more accountability from those that would lead us. It is time that we get back to the basics of sound fiscal responsibility and leadership. It is time that we have a cooperative city government where no single member can control our city’s direction and our future and civility is restored to our governmental operations.”
“It is imperative that we provide better leadership, better governance, a higher accountability, and establish a system of checks and balances that works and where all department heads are made more accountable and given more scrutiny. It is time to take a hard and serious look at how we conduct the city’s business that affects every 
citizen’s daily life and just how hard it hits all of our pocket books. We need to work with the money we have, without further hardship to our taxpayers. I am against raising any property taxes or placing anymore of a tax burden on our community.”
“I look at our current city commission and I find myself asking the question can I do a better job and my answer is without a doubt I absolutely can. This commission has 
refused to take personal accountability or hold any other officials accountable for their policy failures in the city’s most recent embezzlement scandal and now after their failure they wish to restore trust in the commission when this has happened on their watch. 
The City of Covington will have a chance to get trust restored in the next election when this current commission is no longer in office. It is abundantly clear to anyone who cares to look that this commission is too enthralled in their own petty fights amongst each other to be effective for the rest of us. Quite simply they have failed us and the prospect of them being effective for our future does not bode well for any of us.”
"I have lived in Covington for the past 24 years and raised my children here. In this upcoming year I look forward to meeting more of our residents and hearing their concerns and opinions on how to make our community a better place to live.”
Mr. Jackson has 28 years of professional law enforcement experience and who havingspent 15 years with the Covington Police Department where he held positions with 
increasing responsibility, has most recently served as a Law Enforcement Professional for the Department of Defense, after having been vetted for a Secret clearance for 
Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Mr. Jackson was directly embedded with the U.S. Army where he was actively involved in Counter I.E.D. operations to aid in the capture and legal prosecution of insurgent forces. Prior to that position, he served three consecutive years as an International Police Advisor and Mentor for the U.S. Department of State and the Department of Justice in Operation Iraqi Freedom. 
Mr. Jackson also served as an International Police Officer for the United Nations in Haiti. Mr. Jackson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Police Administration and a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, both from Eastern Kentucky University. He is also an honor graduate from the University of Louisville’s prestigious Southern Police Institute’s
Administrative Officer’s Course.
Mr. Jackson currently resides in the south Covington area. He can be reached by email at [email protected].
Photo: Danny Jackson/provided
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