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Brosmore Announces Run for Covington Commission

Eastside resident Michael Brosmore will run for the Covington City Commission.

Brosmore, 59, was disabled from the Covington Fire Department in 1988 when he fell through a floor and had to undergo a lower lumbar spinal fusion.

Since then, Brosmore, who started with the fire department in 1979, has volunteered in the Eastside neighborhood by cleaning up streets, painting homes, and performing maintenance duties for disabled people and senior citizens.

One of his top priorities, should he be elected in 2014, would be to restore previous staffing levels at the police and fire departments.

He said the money is already in the budget.

"Sure, there's room in that budget," Brosmore told The River City News on Tuesday. "I've seen money switched from capital improvements. I know how it works."

He would also want to restore Pumper One to service. It sits browned out at the main firehouse on Robbins Street. "That was the busiest pumper in the city," Brosmore said. 

A frequent speaker at current Covington City Commission meetings, Brosmore would also work at increasing the presence of retail in the city. "Instead of nonprofits, I'd like to see from economic development, some low interest loans for retail establishments for merchandise," he said. He'd also like to see the Latonia Shopping Center land an anchor establishment like a Cabela's, the chain of outdoor-oriented merchandise stores.

Brosmore would also like to see more development on the riverfront. "The riverfront is one of our best attributes and it's highly underused," he said. The location is ideal for apartments and businesses, he said. "We have the best view of Cincinnati you could ask for."

Brosmore is a native of the Wallace Woods neighborhood and graduated from Holmes High School in 1973. He is divorced, has a daughter and four grandchildren.

A search of criminal records will turn up one instance involving Brosmore, accused of breaking and entering a few years ago. He said the charge against him was dismissed since he was confirmed to be out of town at the time and that someone else eventually fessed up to the crime. Asked why he did not work to have the record removed, he said he sees it as an example for other falsely accused people.

His record is clean, he said.

Brosmore is a member of Ninth Street Baptist Church in Covington's Eastside.

Other candidates to announce a run for city commission include: Jordan Huizenga, Bill Wells, and Danny Jackson.

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

Photo: Covington City Hall

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