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Covington Police Chief Asks for Cooperation from Neighbors in SWAT Situation in Latonia

UPDATE: For an updated version of this story, click: Suspect Gives Live Updates from Facebook as SWAT Teams Surround Home


The Covington Police SWAT team responded to the 4300 block of Michigan Avenue in Latonia Saturday evening.

Police Chief Spike Jones is asking that nearby residents stay away from windows and doors and that the specific positions of SWAT team members and officers not be shared on social media or through other communications.

"I'm asking them to refrain until the operations are complete," Jones told The River City News. He said he will offer a full briefing after the work is complete. "We are concerned for the safety of the individuals involved."

The River City News is in close contact with the police department and is monitoring this unfolding situation but will withhold details learned until the safety of the officers involved can be assured.

Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News