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Photos: Premiere of Awesome Film Celebrates Covington

The Awesome Collective of Covington premiered its 20-minute film "Index of Awesome" at a big event at The Carnegie on Friday night.

More than 100 people showed up to take in the free event that included popcorn, movie theater candy, drinks, paparazzi on the black carpet, poster sales, and the show.

The film was funded by a pair of Place Matters mini-grants and a Kickstarter campaign. Online voting determined the businesses featured and those included Left Bank Coffeehouse, Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar, Otto's, Keystone Bar & Grill, Wunderbar, Whack Burger, Baker Hunt, Chez Nora, the Anchor Grill, and The River City News.

The Index of Awesome film was a follow-up to the Awesome Collective of Covington's successful print 'zine of the same name, launched in December 2012 and featuring a long list of the people, places, and things that make Covington "awesome".

Those who were unable to make the premiere on Friday will be able to watch the film online soon. Follow The Awesome Collective of Covington on Facebook for a forthcoming announcement on when the film will be made available for future viewing.

The following photos from the premiere were taken by two of four paparazzi at the event, photographers Chuck Eilerman, a Covington city commissioner, and Thomas DiBello of Portraits of Covington.

Additional photos are by The River City News.

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