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100,000 Enroll in Kentucky Health Exchange

Monday marked the final day that Kentuckians could enroll in the state's new health care benefit exchange in order to have benefits by January 1, though the enrollment period continues.

A news release said that kynect enrolled more than 100,000 people since its October 1 launch. It was made possible by the federal Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

As Kentucky’s health benefit website administrators predicted, thousands of Kentuckians made final decisions on their family’s health care plans in time to ensure their coverage is effective by New Year’s Day.  

Purchases of private health plans soared again, with more than 5,000 new enrollments since last week.  Since Thanksgiving week, enrollments in private health insurance have swelled by 121 percent, the news release said.

kynect’s technology team had anticipated a post-Thanksgiving increase in web traffic, applications and enrollments, and the team increased capacity in order to meet the demand.

The kynect team reviewed all technology systems to make sure each element could handle a significant increase in web traffic, including account creation, application, eligibility determination, shopping, and verification tasks. 

Beginning Dec. 2, the kynect website boasted a more than 80 percent increase in capacity due to adding more servers to the core infrastructure, along with other solution refinements.

The kynect call center added Sunday hours to process the additional crush of calls and applications, making the center a 7-day-a-week operation.

kynect has been hailed as a national model since its launch Oct. 1 for its smooth operation and easy interface for users looking for affordable health coverage.

Since Thanksgiving week, the site has enrolled nearly 1,600 Kentuckians each day into new health coverage.  

The deadline to have coverage by January 1 has passed, however, individuals may sign up for insurance anytime before March 31 to avoid penalties.