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Christmas Tree Recycling Program Announced in Covington

From the City of Covington:

Don't put your tree in the landfill! Residents can recycle their Christmas trees after the holidays and give them a second life by dropping them off at one of three locations where they will be ground into wood chips.

This tree recycling program will turn the trees into mulch, which will be used by the residents of Covington and the Urban Forestry Division. Mulch can be accessed at the Devou Park Public Improvements Garage.
Contact the Department of Public Improvements at 859-292-2292 to schedule a pickup.
Previously, garbage men picked up our trees and they were sent to a landfill, took up vital space, and increased the amount of debris going into the landfill. Sizes of landfills can be significantly reduced if we recycle more and reduce our daily waste. Feel good knowing that recycling your Christmas tree is helping other gardeners have healthier landscapes and you have kept perfectly good organic matter from clogging a landfill.
Partners & Sponsor: City of Covington, Department of Public Improvements -Solid Waste & Recycle Division, Urban Forestry Division and Keep Covington Beautiful
Dates of Event: Dec. 28 - Jan. 6
Trees can be dropped off anytime
Devou Golf Course Clubhouse - Lower parking lot off of Park Drive (Look for drop zone in the back of the lot and please try to place them as neatly as possible).
Transfer Station at Department of Public Improvements, 4399 Boron Drive, Covington, KY 41015. Follow signs for the drop zone in the Back Department of Public Improvement's parking lot - drop point will actually be in a concrete pit. Please place them as far back in the pit as possible so that we can accommodate as many trees as possible.
Parking lot at the corner of Hands Pike and Tripoli - South Covington. Look for the drop zone at the end of the lot in the grass - please do not drop any trees in the handicap parking spot and please try to place them in the drop area as neatly as possible.
Photo via Kentucky Governor's Mansion