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Man Runs Through Kentucky Bingo Hall With Pants Down, Yelling "Bingo"

A Louisville man was arrested after disrupting a bingo game.

WHAS reports that when Deharra Waters ran through the bingo hall with his pants down while yelling 'bingo', he "caused alarm to patrons and employees".

WLKY reports that Waters' speech was slurred and that he was charged with disorderly conduct and alcohol intoxication.

Kentucky Sports Radio "dug a little deeper" and made sure to identify Waters as a Louisville Cardinals fan. (Kentucky and Louisville play Saturday... every little dig counts!)

Does the Louisville pants-down, drunken bingo yeller beat Covington's teen bingo yeller from earlier this year?

You remember, the teen went into Pike Place Bingo and yelled 'Bingo' and was later summoned before a judge who barred him from saying the word 'bingo'. It became a national story and prompted the arresting officer to respond at The River City News to all the media attention bestowed on the teen.

Photo: Deharra Waters