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Bellevue Man Holds Trespasser at Bay with Gun

A man is behind bars Monday morning accused of trespassing and other crimes after a resident held a gun on him until police arrived.

James Fogle, 19, of Dayton, was found in a Bellevue man's yard Sunday morning. WXIX reports:

Ryan Schmidt heard his car alarm go off around 4 a.m., prompting him to go outside with his shotgun. Schmidt, who has police training, then found a man hiding in his yard and ordered him to get on the ground.

The suspect, James Fogle, was held at bay by Schmidt until authorities arrived and arrested the 19-year-old for trespassing and other charges.

Fogle is charged with criminal trespassing (third degree), possession of drug paraphernalia, alcohol intoxication in a public place, and a probation violation.

See a video interview with Schmidt at WXIX.

Photo: James Fogle/Campbell County Detention Center