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Man Who Shot at Covington Police During SWAT Standoff Now in Kenton Jail

UPDATE (Friday): Vaughan pleaded not guilty in a Kenton County courtroom Friday.


The man who fired at Covington Police officers during a 22-hour SWAT standoff in Latonia is now in the Kenton County Detention Center.

Michael Vaughan, 43, took a bullet to his upper arm, an act by police that ended the standoff that spanned two days. He was taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center for treatment of the wound and appeared in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court on Thursday where he waived extradition to Kentucky.

He is being held on an attempted murder charge and $250,000 cash bond. Vaughan had been on suicide watch at the Hamilton County Justice Center and will be under constant supervision for similar reasons, a Kenton County Jail official told The River City News.

Vaughan, a veteran of the United States military, holed up in a house on Michigan Avenue in Latonia with his three children inside on the evening of December 21. The children were released after roughly fifteen hours following a deal with police that allowed Vaughan to make a phone call to an unidentified person.

Vaughan spent much of the early hours of the standoff offering live updates of the situation on his Facebook page.

In the hours after the standoff, it was learned that Vaughan was the top suspect in an apparent arson that killed a Latonia man in January 2013. That man was the father of a former wife of Vaughan's.

Vaughan had a history of violating restraining orders placed against him by multiple women and faced trouble in the Kentucky National Guard for sexual harassment and other issues.

He is scheduled to appear in Kenton County Court on Friday at 8:30 a.m.

Photo: Michael Vaughan/Kenton County Detention Center