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Cincinnati Art Museum Features Covington Art Scene

The Cincinnati Art Museum features a loving tribute to Covington's arts scene in its newest edition of the quarterly Members Magazine.

Covington Arts Director Cate Yellig penned the valentine for the magazine in a piece titled, "Unapologetically Authentic". Here is some of the text:

The City of Covington: where the intermingling of urbanity and community collide in a cacophony of contemporary culture. Part of the South? Not exactly. Part of the North? Arguable. Covington is an urban island unto itself. With vast reserves of architectural landmarks, diverse neighborhoods, active citizens, and a strong history of arts and culture, the city is a destination.

You can see more of the article at BLDG's website (click here) or become a member of the Cincinnati Art Museum to get a copy of your own!

Covington also got some print love in the December edition of Planning Magazine. This is the publication that honored the Licking Riverside Historic District as one of the ten best neighborhoods in America.

See pictures of the article at the Catalytic Development Fund's Facebook page.

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