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Covington Seeks to Acquire Ludlow's Old Incinerator

The City of Covington hopes to acquire the old incinerator in Devou Park that belongs to the City of Ludlow.

Ludlow City Council on Thursday considered the option of deeming the dilapidated structure as surplus property, making it available for sale or transfer, but decided to table the issue until February.

Covington's interest in the property relates to the hiking and biking trail system in Devou Park. City Manager Larry Klein said the structure would become home to a rest and comfort station for those using the trails.

"It's a very cool building," Klein said of the incinerator. "It has a beautiful round smoke stack about fifty feet high, in perfect condition, too."

But the rest of the building does not appear to be an inviting place to rest for hikers and bikers.

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So, the board that oversees funds collected through the Drees Pavilion in Devou Park allocated $25,000 for design and renovation work, for when the City of Covington acquires it.

"The idea is to refurbish it, shore it up, and make the building safe," said Natalie Gardner, programs and strategic projects manager for the City of Covington.

The historic structure would remain open-air in nature and would include picnic tables. Some type of flooring would be installed, too.

Should the City of Ludlow deem the property as surplus, approval for purchase would have to come from the Covington City Commission. Possible terms of that transaction were not immediately available.

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

Photo: Old Ludlow incinerator/RCN file