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Mike Fink Leaves Covington Riverfront

The Mike Fink floating restaurant departed Covington's riverfront Monday afternoon and is now docked at Newport.

The City of Covington announced in late October that the iconic riverboat, which had not been in operation for several years, would have to go.

"The Mike Fink Riverboat and Restaurant presented charm and fine dining, as well as a glimpse into Covington's wonderful history relating to riverboat culture. We hope the Mike Fink will be part of Covington's renaissance," Covington Mayor Sherry Carran said at the time.

Owner Jimmy Bernstein told residents of the Historic Licking Riverside neighborhood in August 2012 that he had formed a partnership with Bob Conway of Karlo's Bistro to reopen the Mike Fink. Just a few months later, that deal fell apart over differences in the direction the reopened Fink would go.

The Mike Fink is now docked at BB Riverboats, another iconic floating operation operated by the Bernstein family in Newport.

Photos by RCN, except where otherwise noted:

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(This photo provided by Brandon Z. Hamilton)

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