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Gold Star Introduces Chili Doritos Nachos

First, Taco Bell and now Gold Star Chili.

Fast food restaurants are in love with Doritos.

Cincinnati-based Gold Star launched its new Doritos Nachos on Monday. The new menu item is a partnership with Doritos, according to a news release. If sales are good during the limited run through February 23, Gold Star may add the item permanently.

If you order it, you'll receive a pile of nacho cheese-flavored Doritos, cheese, chili, tomatoes, jalapenos, and black olives covered in chipotle ranch dressing and sour cream.

"While there is broad appeal for the Doritos brand, it has a particularly strong following with the millennial demographic that Gold Star hopes to capture with this promotion," said Charlie Howard, Gold Star Chili VP of marketing & brand development, according to QSRWeb. "A significant portion of our television, radio and digital media budget for this promotion will be targeting millennial males, age 18 to 34."

An appetizer portion is available for $4.99 or get the combo meal with a drink for $5.99.

Doritos will also be part of two other menu items, Gold Star's chili cheese dip and chili salad.

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