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Woman, Once Homeless, Reunites With Son & Finds Job, Home

From the Welcome House of Northern Kentucky:

A young mother finds herself homeless after a family emergency leaves her unable to pay her rent.

Mary was living with her mother while she finished school but her mother needed to move to another area of Kentucky to take care of a sick relative.

Mary worked part-time and couldn't keep up with the rent on her own and ended up on the streets. She was street homeless for a few weeks before she found Welcome House and entered our Emergency Shelter.

Once in Shelter, Mary began working with a Case Manager and Employment Specialist. Mary went through Welcome House's job readiness program and was able to find a higher paying job. She was able to save money for a deposit on a new apartment while she lived in Shelter.

Mary moved into her new place about three months after coming to Welcome House. She was recently re-united with her young son and is doing great in her new position. In fact, she just celebrated one year in the position.

She plans to re-enter school this year and finish her Criminal Justice degree. Mary hopes to be a crime scene investigator.

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