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162,000 Enroll in Kentucky Health Care Exchange, 25% in Private Plans

The number of Kentuckians signing up for affordable health care coverage has spiked to roughly 1,500 per day, up from 1,000 last fall.

Current totals show 162,000 in the Commonwealth are now part of kynect, Kentucky's health care exchange created through the federal Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

The website, which has been heralded as a model for the nation, consistently supports 2,000 concurrent users during the heaviest usage times, a news release said.

One out of every four new sign-ups is for private health insurance, the release said, while the remainder is for the expanded Medicaid option.

kynect administrators strongly encourage those who have enrolled in private insurance plans desiring a Jan. 1 effective date but have not paid their first premiums to do so as soon as possible. However, open enrollment continues through March 31 for any Kentuckian seeking health insurance.

Information for newly insured

If you began the process of signing up for coverage on or before Dec. 23 and selected a plan but haven’t yet received your insurance cards in the mail, don’t worry. Insurers are processing a high volume of new enrollments. To verify coverage with your insurer, go to your kynect account. On the dashboard, click “View Details”, then “Future Enrollments” to get your Enrollment ID Number.

Providing your kynect Enrollment ID Number to your insurance provider will assist issuers in locating new enrollees in their systems. Welcome packets and invoices should arrive soon for people who signed up in the past several weeks.

Weekly statistics report

The below statistics reflect activity on kynect as of 9 a.m. Friday, Jan. 17:

  • 890,896 unique visitors viewing more than 30 million web pages
  • 606,455 preliminary screenings
  • 162,099 Kentuckians are enrolled in new health coverage, including Medicaid and private insurance
  • 122,328 have enrolled in Medicaid
  • 39,771 have enrolled in a qualified health plan
  • 48,476 have been found eligible for a subsidy to purchase a qualified health plan, but some have yet to select a plan 
  • Nearly 44 percent of the total enrollees (Medicaid or qualified health plans) are under 35 years old, and nearly 32 percent of enrollees in private health plans are under 35
  • 12,712 enrolled in standalone dental plans
  • 1,336 small businesses have started applications for employee coverage, and 537 of those businesses have completed applications and are eligible to offer coverage to employees.
  • 395,559 calls handled by the kynect contact center, an average of more than 3,600 per day.