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Craigslist Ad Seeks to Get Rid of "Very Mean Ninja" Cat

A posting on Craigslist seeks to pawn off an undesirable cat to someone else.

This Siamese cat, described in a post that has not been independently authenticated, apparently possesses ninja skills and attacked one of the owner's friends.

Here is how the post reads for the "VERY MEAN Siamese Cat/Ninja" in Cincinnati:

Have you ever seen a cat hover? I have and it was the final straw/stitch. I've had this cat for about 6 years and over night he turned into an asshole. What makes me the most upset is my buddies $700 facial reconstruction I had to pay for when my cat went ape shit on his head. All my friend did was walk in my door and I suppose Matthew (cat) noticed a disturbance in the force... as my friend is a dog lover and hates cats. Anywho, matthew leaps into ninja mode and begins smacking/scratching /biting my friends face. I was shocked/amazed at how quick this cat moved hovering just about 3 inches in front of his face throwing jab after jab. I've never seen anything like it. I would put this cat up against grand master Ip man any day of the week. If you want him and feel you can take care of "Chow Yun Fat the cat" he's all yours. Don't even think of dogs if you come get him. You have to sigh a release of liability if you pick him up.

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