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Soapbox: "A Youthful Vibrancy" in Covington

Covington-based architect and Newport resident Jim Guthrie penned an op-ed at Soapbox Cincinnati about why Covington rocks.

His take:

Covington of the last few years is much different than the Covington where I made my start 24 years ago. There's a youthful vibrancy present now—a can-do attitude. An attitude that will sooner do for itself than wait for someone else to do it. It's grass-roots, it’s community-based and it’s awesome. This entrepreneurial spirit is exemplified by shops likeflowdistrict 78Shrewdness of Apes and BLDG. Covington chooses to focus on the positive, demonstrated by groups and events like The Awesome CollectiveA Rally for Progress and (hopefully first annual) Be Awesome: A Mini Conference for Change-Makers. This vibrancy and engagement makes Covington truly unique among all Northern Kentucky communities.

The editorial valentine continues: Soapbox

Photo: UpStart, an event for entrepreneurs in Covington/RCN file