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Big Projects for NKY River Cities Part of Beshear's Highway Plan

Some long awaited road projects in Northern Kentucky's urban cities may finally be on the way.

Governor Steve Beshear on Wednesday sent to the Kentucky General Assembly a 2014-2020 Recommended Highway Plan that, if enacted, would provide nearly $7 billion of state and federal funding for transportation improvements across the Commonwealth, according to the governor's office.

In addition to a financing plan to continue the Brent Spence Bridge project, a plan that includes more than $1.7 billion toll revenue bonds, Beshear's plan also highlights many individual projects in Covington, Newport, and Kenton & Campbell Counties.

Some of the plans include a new exit ramp at Newport off of I-471, reconstruction of the intersection of Pike & Main Streets in Covington, the reconstruction of Hands Pike, and a multipurpose trail along several river cities.

These are some of the projects that Beshear recommends to be funded (some with matching funds from the federal government and other entities):

KENTON COUNTY (selected projects, not comprehensive)

(Project; Year(s); Amount)

Reconstruct KY 536 from Boone County line to KY 17 as a 4-lane urban section; 2019 & 2020; $22 million & $4.16 million

Extend second eastbound lane from Thomas More Parkway from Turkeyfoot Road to Crestview Blvd.; 2015 & 2016; $117,400, $40,000, $528,000

Pavement & sidewalk restoration along Sixth Street & Scott Blvd. to Russell Street & sidewalk improvements on Scott Blvd. from 4th Street to 6th Street; 2014; $1.382 million

Phase I multi-use path along Bromley-Crescent Springs Rd. from Anderson Road to Amsterdam Road; 2016 & 2017; $1.2 million & $3.08 million

Resurfacing of Russell Street from Sixth Street to Eighteenth Street; 2014; $142,000

Pedestrian bicycle trail through Ludlow, Covington, Newport, and Bellevue; 2015; $481,600

Install guardrail along KY 8 east of Amsterdam Rd. (KY 371); 2014; $42,105

Replace West Fifteenth Street Bridge; 2014 & 2015; $1.89 million

Remove & evaluate Eleventh Street Bridge; 2014 & 2015; $2.61 million

Install additional lane at Fourth Street intersecting with Philadelphia Street; 2014; $1.26 million

Eliminate traffic signal, realign intersection of Pike & Main Streets for free-flowing traffic; 2014; $760,000

Reconstruct Hands Pike from KY 17 to Crystal Lake Drive; 2014 & 2015; $11.3 million

Grind and resurface Madison Avenue from MLK Blvd. to 16th Street; 2014; $175,000

Resurface Main Street & Highwater Road in Bromley; 2014; $500,000

CAMPBELL COUNTY (select projects, not comprehensive)

Study & rehabilitate the I-471 Corridor; 2014; $1.4 million

Extend proposed Pond Creek Road from US 27 to AA Highway via portion of KY 10/KY 1997 Corridor (New KY 536); 2016 & 2017 & 2018; $40 million

KY 9 extension; 2014 & 2015; $2.9 million

Construct a sidewalk on south side of Memorial Parkway from Pavilion Parkway to Wilson Rd. over I-471; 2014 & 2015 & 2016; $622,000

Roadway rehabilitation on Carothers Road from Monmouth Street to right-turn lane at Newport Shopping Center; 2016 & 2017; $1.1 million

Installation of sidewalks and traffic control measures along 4th Street & Montmouth Street from Saratoga to Monmouth and 3rd & 8th Streets/Columbia to Putman & 9th; 2014; $250,000

Construct sidewalks and install crosswalks and roadway markers along Dayton Pike from 7th Street to Chateau Drive and along Belmont Rd. to Ervin Terrace; 2014; $161,200

Reconstruct KY 9 along a new route to north of 10th Street; 2015; $4.5 million

Reconstruct KY 9 along a new route from north of 10th Street to US 27 (York Street); 2016; $8.5 million

Construct new I-471 southbound exit ramp at KY 8; 2014; $2.7 million

Transportation improvements to AA Highway-I-275 Connector; 2014; $12.5 million (in two separate projects)

See the full list of proposed projects in Kenton, Campbell, and Boone Counties as well as statewide by clicking here.

Photo: 4th Street in Covington/RCN

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