Dayton City Administrator Says He Was Forced Out

Former Dayton City Administrator Dennis Redmond told a Cincinnati TV station Monday that he was forced to resign.

Redmond's resignation was accepted at the January 8 city council meeting, a meeting that the city administrator did not attend.

City leaders were mum at the time as to why Redmond resigned so suddenly.

In an interview with WCPO, Redmond said that he was forced out:

“I’ve done a lot of soul searching and there was nothing that I had done or said… I don’t know what I did on an official basis to deserve what I got. It was personal, had nothing to do with my job,” said Redmond, who started his work in Dayton in September 2005. He was the longest serving administrator in Dayton's history.

“It’s upsetting, because he was the most qualified person we’d ever had in the city,” said Lynn Adam, an architect, who sits on the Planning & Zoning Board and the Board of Architectural Review city. “This had nothing to do with Dennis professionally.”

While Redmond had threatened resignation twice before due to organizational conflicts within the administration, he said he had no choice this time.

Mayor Ken Rankle confirmed in the report that he sent an email to Redmond in December saying that he had lost all confidence in him. Read the full story: WCPO

The sudden change of leadership at City Hall comes at a critical time for Dayton where its Manhattan Harbour project is proceeding, new homes are being constructed on the riverfront, and the Dayton Marina is soon to see new life.

The city is actively searching for a new administrator.

Photo: Redmond stands next to Mayor Rankle at a Dayton City Council meeting/RCN file