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Poll: Kentucky Voters Support Increase in Minimum Wage, Senate Race a Toss-Up

A new poll out Wednesday shows that Kentucky voters support an increase in the minimum wage and that race for US Senate is a toss-up between Republican Mitch McConnell and Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Public Policy Polling interviewed 882 Kentucky voters, 52% of who were Democrats and 36% of who were Republicans.

The minimum wage issue could be beneficial to Grimes, a proponent of the idea. Raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour from its current $7.25 is supported by 57% of those polled and opposed by 34%. The idea is supported by 71% of Democrats and 40% of Republicans. Half the Republican respondents oppose the idea.

79% of voters said that working full-time should keep a person out of poverty.

Overall, in the Senate race, McConnell leads Grimes by a percentage point, 45-44.

He is a very unpopular senator with only 37% of Kentucky voters approving of McConnell's job performance and 51% disapproving.

See the full results: Click Here (PDF)

Photos: McConnell and Grimes at Fancy Farm in 2013/RCN file

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