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Ballot Positions Drawn for Covington, Kenton County Races

The sixteen candidates running for Covington City Commission, three for Independence Mayor, and the various candidates for Kenton County-wide races learned their position on the May primary ballot.

Kenton County Clerk Gabrielle Summe drew the order, as mandated by state statute, in her office Thursday afternoon.

Summe explained that the order in which a candidate files in the order in which their ballot position is drawn. Representatives from the Board of Elections, the Republican & Democratic Parties, and the Sheriff's Office were all present, per state statute. The rep from the Sheriff's Office was not Sheriff Chuck Korzenborn since he will appear on the ballot in a Republican primary.

Here is the order in which candidates will appear on the May ballot:

Covington City Commission

(Vote for 4, 8 advance to November general election)

1- Jordan Huizenga

2- Chuck Eilerman (incumbent)

3- Bill Wells

4- Thomas Dorning

5- Mildred Rains (incumbent)

6- Jerry Bamberger

7- Michelle Williams (incumbent)

8- Brandon Mims

9- Steve Frank (incumbent)

10- Greg Paeth

11- Warner Allen

12- Danny Jackson

13- Chas Brannen

14- G. Scot Jones

15- Michael Gene Brosmore

16- Christi Blair

Independence Mayor

(Vote for 1, 2 advance to November general election)

1- Mike Little

2- Chris Reinersman

3- Margaret Cook

 photo ballotdraw2_zps81a16b07.jpg

Kenton Co. Attorney (Republican primary)

(Vote for 1)

1- Donald Nagleisen

2- Stacy Tapke

3- Sharif Abdrabbo

Kenton Co. Sheriff (Republican primary)

(Vote for 1)

1- Seymour Fisk

2- Chuck Korzenborn (incumbent)

Kenton Co. Judge-Executive (Republican primary)

(Vote for 1)

1- Kris Knochlemann

2- Steve Arlinghaus (incumbent)

Kenton Co. Commission - District 1 (Republican primary)

(Vote for 1)

1- Beth Sewell (incumbent)

2- Dan Bell

Kenton Co. Commission - District 2 (Republican primary)

(Vote for 1)

1- Amy Heeger

2- John Draud (incumbent)

Kenton Co. Commission - District 3 (Republican primary)

(Vote for 1)

1- Joe Nienaber

2- Joe Koester

Kenton Co. Constable - District 2 (Republican primary)

(Vote for 1)

1- Gregory O'Gorman

2- Richard Bohl

Kenton Co. Magistrate - District 2 (Republican primary)

(Vote for 1)

1- Timothy Saylor

2- Mary Lou Blount

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