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Code Enforcement Supervisor Fired by Covington City Commission

The Covington City Commission voted on Friday to fire code enforcement supervisor Tony Weissman.

A special meeting was called after an attempt to fire Weissman at Tuesday's regular city commission meeting failed due to lack of a majority.

At that meeting, Mayor Sherry Carran and Commissioner Chuck Eilerman voted to fire Wiessman, who was hired in December 2012 after the code enforcement department was reorgnanized, while Commissioners Steve Frank and Michelle Williams each offered themselves as "present, not voting".

Afterwards, Assistant City Manager and City Solicitor Frank Warnock sought advice from other city attorneys and the Kentucky League of Cities to determine if Weissman had been terminated by the vote. A special meeting was called on Friday to clear up any confusion.

The meeting, announced Thursday morning, convened at 1 p.m. and immediately involved an executive session. Roughly forty minutes later, the city commission and city administrators emerged to take the vote.

Carran and Eilerman voted in favor of the firing again and were joined by Frank who changed his vote and Commissioner Mildred Rains who had missed Tuesday's meeting. Williams offered herself again as "present, not voting".

Tuesday's meeting featured Weissman addressing the commission after the vote, dropping expletives, and asking why he was fired

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